Why Use Agile?

The Agile software development methodology provides many opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development life cycle.

This is achieved through regular cadences of work, known as sprints or iterations, at the end of which teams must present a "shippable" increment of work. Thus by focusing on the repetition of abbreviated work cycles as well as the functional product they yield, Agile methodology could be described as “iterative” and “incremental.” In an Agile paradigm, every aspect of development (requirements, design, etc.) is continually revisited throughout the life cycle. When a team stops and re-evaluates the direction of a project every two weeks, it provides for the timely opportunity to steer it in another direction if necessary.

The results of this “inspect-and-adapt” approach to development greatly reduces both development costs and time to market.

Because a team’s work cycle is limited to two weeks, it gives stakeholders recurring opportunities to calibrate releases for success in the real world. In essence, it could be said that the Agile development advisory service methodologies help companies build the right product. Instead of committing to market a piece of software that has yet to be developed, Agile empowers teams to optimize their release as the solution is developed in order to be as competitive as possible in the marketplace. In the end, a development Agile methodology that preserves a product’s critical market relevance and ensures a team’s work doesn’t wind up on a shelf - never released - is an attractive option for stakeholders and developers alike. "Agile Methodology." Agile Methodology. N.p., 23 Oct. 2008. Web.

Agile Project Management Course Outline

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A summary of Eliassen Group services to coach, train and recruit agile project managers and product owners.

Agile DevOps Data Sheet

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A summary of Eliassen Group services to help clients set up and staff effective DevOps (Development—IT Operations) practices.

Event Presentation

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Eliassen Group and Rally Software co-hosted a breakfast networking event at the Reston Hyatt. Rafaa Abdalla, Chief, Program Management Section at Department of Homeland Security - Citizen and Immigration Services, was the guest keynote speaker. Rafaa and our expert panelists discussed all areas of Agile and what it takes to be successful across an entire product development life cycle.

  Implementation Examples

Assessing Agile readiness for a retailer

Agile whole team training at a technology company

Guiding Agile pilot projects at a software company

Executive coaching at a media publisher

Agile team coaching at a media firm

Finding critical staff for a financial services firm

Guiding a Scrum implementation at a retailer

Guiding a Kanban Implementation at a financial services firm

Improving technical practices at a financial services firm

Changing the culture at a financial services firm

Enterprise Agile transformation at a major bank

  Videos, Recorded Webinars, and Presentations

The Hard ROI Of Scaling Agile - How To Justify Your Investment In Terms Your CFO Will Understand

This webinar, “The Hard ROI of Scaling Agile- How to Justify your investment in terms your CFO will understand” will explore the best ways to justify your Agile investment by identifying the top tips to approaching ROI discussion within your enterprise, the business value drivers for an Agile organization, tooling strategies to maximize ROI and other useful tips.

Measuring Your DevOps Adoption

This webinar, presented by Eliassen Group Technical Practices and Delivery Lead Tim Reaves explores the best practices to help you better define, measure and improve your DevOps performance! The webinar introduces EMMA a tool currently being produced by Eliassen Group which will help organizations measure DevOps adoption and better determine the best build, test, and deployment tools to improve their software quality.

Help! My Teams Are Agile but My Execs Are Waterfall!

Whether you run a PMO, Agile Release Train, or any number of projects tied to the execution and delivery of software in today’s IT organization, you’ve most likely found yourself caught between two competing modalities: your delivery teams may be building software using Agile, but your executives think in a “waterfall” mindset.

Delivered by:
Hunter McCluer, Agile Delivery Lead at Eliassen Group
Scott Blacker, VP of Product at AgileCraft

What's New With SAFe® 4.0

Dean Leffingwell, the Creator of the Scaled Agile Framework and Phil Gardiner, an Enterprise Coach at Eliassen Group, tour SAFe® 4.0 for Lean Software and Systems Engineering. This presentation familiarized participants with the exciting new features of the framework, including:

  • The flexibility to adapt the framework to smaller value streams or larger, very complex solutions.
  • A new value stream level that enhances large scale enterprises ability to coordinate the delivery of software and systems.
  • More Kanban, including support at the team level.
  • Enhanced guidance at the Portfolio level for strategy, communication, funding and organization around value streams.
  • Expanded content for the foundational elements needed to fully realize the potential of SAFe® .

Agile In a Nutshell

This video provides a quick overview of the basic principles and practices of Agile and Scrum. This is a good introduction for those who have not yet participated in an Agile project.

Enterprise Agility Maturity Matrix

The Agile Maturity tool can be used to set transformation goals, monitor progress, and get everybody on the same page regarding Agile. This includes: Agile Coaches, team members, managers, and senior leadership. This tool has also been used in many other creative ways such as to focus retrospectives and to help people at all levels do a self-assessment of their own understanding of Agile. This encourages self-paced learning and allows people the opportunity to learn from others that may have more Agile experience.

Advancing Your Agile Coaching Career

Curious about what an Agile Coach is? Interested in becoming an Agile Coach or advancing your existing career as an Agile Coach? Learn more about the path to becoming an ICAgile Certified Expert Coach and Eliassen’s offerings along that path.

AgileLIVE Joint Webinar, Part 1- DevOps

This webinar, presented by Version One and Eliassen Group touches upon how organizations can deliver hundreds of changes in a single day. DevOps blend together the traditional development and operations silos without violating any necessary controls. There are many challenges to making this shift, but the rewards make DevOps well worth the effort. Eliassen Group's Chief Agilist Damon Poole presented during this webinar.

Increasing and Measuring the Business Value of Your Agile Training

This session will describe the connection between the multiple approaches for increasing business value and the different levels of Agile maturity, how to measure the potential business value of the different approaches, and a brief introduction of how to implement the approaches. On the implementation side, topics will include: lean value stream mapping, continuous delivery, minimum viable increments, and kanban at the project and portfolio level.

Carrie Driscoll presents Continuous Delivery.

Organizations are looking to reduce their time from idea to delivery more than ever before. Some organizations are able to go from idea to delivery in days and can deliver a hundred changes in a single day! Continuous Delivery (CD) is an emerging discipline for realizing these kinds of benefits. It isn't easy to get to CD, but the significant business benefits make it worth the effort. This session will provide an overview of what Continuous Delivery is, the tools needed to implement it, and justification for making the investment.

Damon Poole Presents The Enterprise Agility Model: Atlassian Summit 2013

As Eliassen Group’s Chief Agilist, Damon is focused on helping enterprises achieve greater value delivered to its customers through coaching and consulting with teams to guide them to pragmatically and truly adopt Agile methods in their product development operations. Prior to joining Eliassen Group he was the co-founder and past CEO and CTO of AccuRev where he created multiple Jolt Award winning products including AccuRev and AccuWorkflow. His 22 years of software experience spans from small co-located teams all the way up global development organizations with hundreds of teams. He is a past President and Vice President of Agile New England and writes and speaks frequently on the topic of Agile development.

For more information on Damon's talk and to see the other presentations from the Atlassian Summit click here

Damon Poole Presents Enterprise Agility

Driving business value is key. While Agile can produce modest gains in operational efficiency, its primary benefit comes from gains in business value creation. Maximizing business value creation requires changing how business is done and applying the principles and values of Agile throughout the Enterprise.

Scaling Agile with the Enterprise Agility Model

There are many widely used team-based Agile solutions such as Scrum, XP, and Kanban but there are few similar solutions at the multi-team Enterprise level. The Enterprise Agility Model provides guidance for achieving Enterprise Agility based on the shared experience of many organizations and practitioners.

The Enterprise Agility model is based on the principles and values of the Agile Manifesto as well as the principle of “The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work.” It is contained in a short and simple document much like the Scrum Guide, a diagram that visually describes the interaction between the practices, and a spreadsheet for measuring Agile maturity at both an organizational and per-team level. This session introduces the model, provides a tour through the practices, and explains how the Enterprise Agile Maturity Matrix works.

"I sincerely appreciate Eliassen's continued support, never-give-up attitude, high professional ethics, perseverance, follow up and care."